Revision Policy

Revision period is effective within 10 days after the due date on the order form. We guarantee FREE UNLIMITED revision for clients as per the following Revision Policy:

  • Revisions will be made based on the ORIGINAL instructions otherwise a fee will be charged for the introduction of new instructions.
  • 60% of the original price will be charged for NEW revision instructions depending on the extent the deviate from the original instructions
  • Revision request can be made via email, by phone, or live chat through a written request is recommended for record-keeping and investigation of claims should they arise
  • Revision requests received after the 10-days revision window will attract an additional fee which will be calculated on a case-by-case basis
  • Revision requests can be received even after the expiry of the deadline
  • Revision requests that require new experts or writers will need substantial reasons
  • EVERY Revision request must be accompanied by a new deadline (which is 24 hours by default).
  • Clients with unresolved disputes will LOSE the rights to free revisions

WE are committed to our client’s satisfaction and as such strive to deliver only the finest flawless service to attend and exceed the expectations of our clients.