writing assignment.

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When it comes to treatment of diseases and conditions there are standards and best practices. However, it is important to evaluate treatment options that best meet the needs of the patient and adapt to better meet those needs.

Marcus was recently diagnosed with Chrohn’s Disease (confirmed with intestinal tissue biopsy) that causes difficulties in his every day activities. There is no cure for this condition but there are treatment options that utilize both the Western Medical Model (medication and surgery) and the Holistic Health Model (diet, nutrition and exercise).

For this written assignment, include the following:

  • Outcomes
    • Identify the relief of symptoms and likelihood of reoccurrence (“flare-ups”)
  • Medical costs
    • Identify both medication and surgery costs
    • Consider the incurred costs of diet changes and nutritional counseling
  • Quality of life
    • Analyze which model will yield the best results quickly
    • Analyze which model will yield the best long term results

After you have analyzed both models, make a recommendation on which model aligns best with Marcus’s needs based upon outcomes, medical cost, and quality of life.

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