University of South Florida Correlation Between School Performance and Economy

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Need help with my Sociology question – I’m studying for my class.

I got 2 separate assignments. One of them is to watch a documentary (you can skip through to get the general idea and enough information and you can also just google the information if they have it on google so it shouldn’t take long since the question is only a paragraph answer). The other one is easy as well since it’s to read a journal which you can skim through and write a paragraph as well (250 words minimum)


Assignment 1:

Compare and contrast the ways in which the people in the film Crazy Wise resist and fight back against the stigma of mental illness within the context of their various cultures. Response should be at least one fully developed paragraph.


Assignment 2:

1. Write a paragraph (at least 250 words) in which you discuss the authors’ main arguments about the correlation between school performance and economy.

2. After researching the meaning of “Gini coefficient”, explain why the authors consider it important for their thesis (at least two sentences).

Reading: attached

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