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I need support with this Sociology question so I can learn better.

Your “blog” will be your own posts, that only the instructor will see, about what you observed in your everyday life and how it is directly related to what you have learned through your textbook readings. Posts should be at least one page long (20 points each). Each blog should take approximately 1 hour to complete. Do connect your blogs to the textbook readings (Chapters 1-4) in a meaningful and in-depth way; your connections to the textbook are worth 40% of your overall grade.

Your blog is an online journal with a particular sociological focus. For each week you’ll be given options. You only need to do one. Please include the option at the the top of your entry and respond to it (at least ONE page, double spaced)

Option #1: Write about an experience you had or something you saw that was interesting and then, relate that experience or observation to the textbook material. This is your chance to see firsthand how useful sociology is and how sociological ideas are meaningful to your everyday life.

Option #2: Describe your upbringing. What do you remember about how you were raised? What childhood memory stands out to you? Connect this experience to the textbook material.

Option #3: Observe and describe one type of normative behavior. Be specific in what you see and connect your observations to the textbook reading from this week about culture.

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