SOC 320 CUNY Lehman College Labor Migrants and Globalization Essay

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Hello again! Below is the question and I can attach the resources as well. Let me know whether this is something you are able to help with. The type of immigrant I’d like the answer to discuss are “migrants”. If more sources are needed please let me know. Please also see photo attached of assignment expectations.

Choice #3: Through the processes of globalization, countries around the world are more connected than ever. These connections may ease the processes of international migration and enable flows of migration to persist into the foreseeable future. These flows may be better characterized by the types of immigrants that make them up than the countries of origin. Choose a “type of immigrant” that was defined in the course readings that should be expected to make up continuing flows of international migrants. (1) Make an argument for why flows of your chosen type are expected to continue AND (2) discuss the influences (good and/or bad) that these immigrants are expected to have on their host societies. To fully address this question and demonstrate a sociological perspective, your essay should clearly define the type of immigrant, provide specific examples of how that type influences host society, and refer to both theory and evidence presented in course materials. (NOTE: “type of immigrant” does not mean ethnic group or country of origin).

**please use this link for a source pages 12-36:

**Pages 28-47 on uploaded pdf file

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