Read and Answer Questions

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Read the PDF file that I have attached below, and then answer these 5 questions below, include quotes and state why they are significant, provide the reader with some sort of context. Focus on the postclassical and early modern periods in your answers. Students who mention “today,” which includes current events, social media (eg., Facebook), and technology (iPhones), will receive zero points for the answer.

Can only use information from the reading that I have attached, no outside sources allowed. Make sure to cite the source of information. This includes quotes and paraphrasing. Students who do not cite sources will receive zero points for the answer.

When taking a quote from the reading, make sure to put quotation marks starting from the beginning of the sentence to the end. When citing please use (Cole and Ortega, page #).


1) What is conquest?

2) How did Conquest relate to security?

3) What role did religion play in conquest?

4) What is collapse?

5) Did the Greenland Norse collapse or move?

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