Homework Appalaicha

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1. Stranger With a Camera ( Documentary) https://vimeo.com/channels/676200/54465749

Directions : Answer the questions completely (min 200 words)

Film effectiveness – Using only 1 word . The impact the film had on you

Why do you think Hobart Ison was so angry?

How does the film portray Jeremiah, KY? How did geography impact the situation

List some of the stereotypes that you observed in this film? How did the film contribution to the understanding or misunderstanding of Appalachia

Prejudice can exist in many forms. Discuss how this film support this idea

2. Hillibilles, Coal Miners ,Tree Huggers and God

Directions: Answer the questions completely (min 200 words)

What do the residents think contributed to the decline of Whitesville?

Why does the gentleman think the government sees them as collateral damage -Explain this statement.

What is the general opinion from the folks interviewed about Mountain Top Removal ?

How does this film contribute to the understanding or misunderstanding of Appalachia ?

What is your overall impression of the film ?

Describe one person’s story, fact or event in the film that enlightened, surprised and/or impacted you .

3. – After reading the article Shannon Bell’s “Sacrificed so Others Can Live More Conveniently.and watching the film Killing Coal Country answer the following questions completely.

Directions: Answer the following questions using the resources under Unit 7.

1. Summarize some of the arguments in Shannon Bell’s “Sacrificed so Others Can Live More Conveniently.” Do you agree with her characterization of Central Appalachia as an “energy sacrifice zone?” WHY ? Support your answers with information from the article and other class materials.

2. Killing Coal County- https://vimeo.com/ondemand/killingcoalcountry/2148… ($3.99 Charge)

Answer the following questions:

Was the film impactful ? Why ?

How did it support or negate Appalachian stereotypes ? Be specific use examples from the film .

3 . Choose one of the following prompts and using the resources and readings from class and (Unit 7) to formulate your arguments . Be specific

➢ Appalachia should diversify their economy through Alternative Energy Sources why and how ?

➢ What is the Global Market relevance on Appalachian Coal? Can Appalachia compete? Should Appalachia compete?

➢ Should there be a Worldwide Ban on Coal/ Economics and Ethics of Coal (Health, Safety and Environmental) Is Clean Coal Possible

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