Health communication Engaged learning project

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Engaged Learning Project Portfolio Please include the following documents in your portfolio in the following order:

1. Cover Page—Your Name, Organization Name

2. Table of Contents

3. List of 5 Types of Health Organizations (ranked by preference) and the names of all of the organizations that you contacted to inquire about shadowing.

4. Shadow Experience Report

a. Organization name and brief description of the organization (e.g., what does the organization do? How are they connected to “health”? What audiences/groups do they serve? What is their mission? Goals? etc.)

b. Shadow Experience Description. Explain what you did during your shadowing experience. What tasks did you observe/complete? What did you learn about the organization and position during your observations? Give examples of tasks/duties that you completed (or observed) so readers can get a clear sense of your experience and the position that you shadowed. Make sure it is clear how the position is connected to “health”.

c. List of Interview Questions and written summary of responses. Include your list of interview questions that you prepared prior to your shadowing experience. Then, summarize the employee’s answers to your questions and in the summary incorporate at least 4 course concepts as they apply to the employee’s responses. The summary must be in essay form (minus an introduction and conclusion). All concepts must be underlined and defined prior to explaining how they reflect the interviewee’s responses.

d. Personal Reflection Essay: Provide a written reflection of your shadowing experience complete with course concept application (you are required to apply at least 4 course concepts in your reflection essay as they relate to your experience—these concepts must be different from those you discussed in your interview summary).

In your reflection explain what you learned through this learning experience about health communication and working in the health field. Discuss both challenging and rewarding experiences that you think that you could have working in this type of position/organization. What did you learn in your short shadowing experience that will better prepare you for a professional life outside the university (regardless if you choose a health related field). What transferable communication skills did you observe during this experience that you feel will be useful in a future career? 5. Thank You Note: Send a thank you note to the employee that you shadowed and include a copy of the thank you note in your portfolio.

Task 1: List five types of health organizations (see list already completed)

1.Public Health, Murtis Taylor, Case manager

2. U.H Hospital

3. Nursing Home

4. Urgent care

5. Food Bank

Task 2. List 4-7 questions about the job (public health Case Manager)

Task 3 and 4

Complete the project.

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