BMGT 380 University of Maryland Global Campus WK2 Business Law Discussion Question

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Needing completion of a Business Law – Discussion Question:Part 1:  

Background/Facts:  During a meeting with Winnie, Ralph, the Clean-N-Shine (“Clean”) owners, and you, the owners asked several questions about their potential liability for on-the-job accidents resulting in injuries to employees.  They particularly need an explanation about Maryland’s workers’ compensation law.

Winnie and Ralph asked you to respond to the following question.  

Dave, a Clean employee, accidentally fell off a ladder during a Clean training exercise and injured himself.  Dave was taken to the hospital ER, treated, and released.  He missed one week of work because of this injury. 


1.  Analyze whether Dave could recover for his medical expenses under Maryland’s workers’ compensation law and why/how. 2.   Analyze and explain what, if anything, Dave could recover for loss of wages 6 attachmentsSlide 1 of 6

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