Blinn College Arm of Rebellion Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation Discussion

I’m studying for my History class and need an explanation.

I need these 4 essay topics written, google search is fine or using the norton online textbook would be better. one inch margins, and each of the 4 essays need to be about 3 pages. Thank you!

Here are the questions:

1. What happened in the Dred Scott case? What three things did Justice Taney say in his decision? What were the effects of this decision regarding prior compromises (identify them) and the expansion of slavery?

2. Discuss the characteristics of the Union and the Confederacy (government, leadership, economics, generals, military advantages and disadvantages). Be thorough with your response.

3. Discuss the characteristics of the different attempts at Reconstruction (wartime, Lincoln’s plan, Johnson’s plan, and Radical). How were they different? What was the level of success for each? What ended up being implemented?

4. Explain the Emancipation Proclamation (when it happened, reasons for it, what it actually did…and didn’t do, and the immediate effects that it had for the war).

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