American Pacific College Mexican Americans and the Chicano Movement Questions

Assignment 1: Mexican American Youth in the 1940s

You need to write at least 250 words and 3-4 Works Cited from different sources found in Module or Reading Log or Other Academic Site.

The Rise of the Second Generation, Sanchez brings forth the discussion of the Mexican-American Movement. This was an organization that pushed for the education. Explain the three main points of the organization and discuss the clash between the immigrant parents and the native born Mexican-Americans. Has these tension continued? If so, explain.

You can download the book(Sanchez, Becoming Mexican American: Ethnicity, Culture and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945) for free by following this link

Assignment 2: The Continued Racialization of Youth and Its Consequences

You need to write at least 150 word.

George Sanchez has made the observation that Mexican-American youth did not have the freedom to express their cultural identities during the early 1940s. These are the children of Americanization. Explain why you think Sanchez makes such an observation?

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