A1 Business and Technical College Media Impact Through TV Series Paper

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For paper 2, you will analyze a media topic of your choice (e.g., violence in videogames, negative political advertising, minority portrayals, bias in news reporting, social media use during the elections, fear appeals in health campaigns, etc.). To do so effectively, you must draw on what you have learned during the semester:

  • Start with describing your media topic
  • Then describe expected effects: what do the media that you chose have an effect on (what outcome)?
  • Next take a position: commit in writing whether you think the effects of you chosen media on your chosen effect variable is positive or negative.
    NOTE: describe the effect of the media you have chosen on the outcome you have chosen (e.g., does multitasking lead to more or less persuasion/memory/knowledge). Thus, NOT a positive/negative effect on society.
  • In the rest of the paper you support your position. You must draw on what you have learned during the semester. Your argument in support of your position must explain in detail at least ONE media effects theory that we will have discussed in class, and use and cite course material as well as TWO external sources (e.g., websites, online news articles, industry reports, academic papers; need to be trustworthy. No Wikipedia). Use these THREE sources to support your argument. Sources used in other parts of the paper do NOT count as one of the three sources to support your argument. You are allowed to use the sources or other sources elsewhere in the paper. However, make sure you use at least three sources to support your argument.
  • Make clear how you have used these sources by in-text citations AND a bibliography.
    You may use APA style or any other style, as long as you are consistent. See below for some useful links how to search and cite research.

Paper 2 should be 4-5 double spaced pages (using standard 1” margins and 12 point font Times New Roman).
Paper format is Word or PDF.

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